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Lobelia - they are an eldorado for bees, bumblebees and butterflies. Planting them on the balcony, do not be surprised if these insects are frequent guests. But what else is there to think about?

The lobelia is perfect as a hanging plant for the balcony

The location on the balcony

It should be light and warm. A balcony that is directly south-facing is less suitable for the thirsty lobelia. Such a place should only be considered if you can water the lobelia every day. East- and west-facing balconies are more suitable. A north-facing balcony is not a suitable location, as lobelia need a lot of light/sun to flower.

A protected place

It is also worth noting that the location should rather be protected. It is therefore less advisable to plant lobelia in the front of the window box if the balcony is in an open position.

A place on the wall of the house is well suited. There the lobelia are not only safe from the wind. The risk of being damaged by a summer thunderstorm (hail, storm, heavy rain) is also low there.

Suitable planters and substrate

Plant or sow your lobelia in conventional potting soil. This meets the demands of these plants. It is superficially important that the soil is permeable and fresh. Good drainage should be ensured at the bottom of the planter, for example in the form of pebbles or shards of pottery. The following are suitable as planters:

  • window boxes
  • plant bowls
  • pots
  • hanging baskets

Which neighbors do lobelia look good next to?

Lobelia are considered excellent gap fillers and look beautiful alongside other balcony flowers when their flower colors complement each other. So they look appropriate next to the following specimens:

  • marigolds
  • geraniums
  • petunias
  • sunroses
  • bluebells

Ensuring survival: watering and fertilizing

Watering is important for survival. Especially in the summertime, lobelia must be watered daily (twice a day in hot weather). In addition, a fertilizer application every two weeks in the form of liquid fertilizer is recommended for care. Less necessary for survival, but still recommended, is the cutting off of withered flowers.


Caution: Lobelia are poisonous. If you have children or pets who are allowed on the balcony, place the lobelia out of their reach. The lobelia are ideal hanging in a hanging basket.(11.99€)

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